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My Review of Men's 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot

Take a look at our Men’s 6-Inch Premium Waterproof Boot. Here it is: the original Timberland� boot. This is what helped start it all nearly forty years ago.

Only boot – no, shoe – you need

By Aloy in Boots from Philippines on 1/27/2011
5out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size
Width: Feels true to width
Pros: Durable, Attracts looks, Stylish, Comfortable, Stable
Cons: Too Stiff, Insole not sewed right
Best Uses: Date Night, Travel, Casual Wear, Wet Weather, School
Describe Yourself: Stylish, Uses favorites only, Comfort-oriented, Conservative

The first time I wore Timbs was right before entering high school when I was thirteen. I bought the navy colored pair with angora, but soon outgrew it. Four years later, as a new student in college, I bought another pair, dark brown this time, but it was too large – a mistake I regret until now. That was last year.

This year, I bought my first wheat pair. I’ve been eyeing it ever since, but actually was able to purchase it just now. After I first slipped them on, I encountered problems with the instep because one side seemed to be not sewed on – intentionally. Finally it created so much problems for me – not to mention fear that my boots wouldn’t last long – that I returned them to the store, but happily they sewed up that part for free and I haven’t had a problem since.

I haven’t worn any of my other boots since, except my Docs once. And although I tell you that nothing beats Docs in comfort, the other benefits of Timberland boots heavily outweigh Docs so much that having just one pair of Timbs and no other footwear is enough. These boots are at the height of fashion, and can be used anywhere! From university to a night out to driving to walking long distances – and, I predict, even the office – these boots are made to last… with style! I’ve abused them a lot by walking, running, and even dancing in them, and other than the natural wear on the sole they’re as good as new! Whether I wear them with shorts, khakis, bootcut jeans, or skinny jeans, white socks or black, Timberland has found a way to incorporate their boot into every look. People in university keep complimenting me and even asking me where they can get their own pairs! My only source of discomfort now is that sometimes, when I lace them all the way up, it starts to feel uncomfortably tight around those parts. My remedy is to leave the topmost pair of eyes unlaced and they’ll feel perfect.

Earlier, I wrote “my first wheat pair”. Of course I’ll be buying again and again from Timberland when my boots need to be retired. And every time, I’ll be buying the wheat pair because it’s the best-looking one. Oh, and a black pair for formal events too. Keep it up, Timberland.

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