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Daily Word (16 November 2014)


| ˈvaljuː |


  • noun (mass noun)
    • the regard that sth. is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of sth.
      • the material or monetary worth of sth.
      • the worth of sth. compared to the price paid or asked for it
    • (‘values’) principles or standards of behavior; one’s judgment of what is important in life
    • the numerical amount denoted by an algebraic term; a magnitude, quantity, or number
    • (in music) the relative duration of the sound signified by a note
    • (in linguistics) the meaning of a word or other linguistic unit
      • the quality or tone of a spoken sound; the sound represented by a letter
    • the relative degree of lightness or darkness of a particular color
  • verb (with obj.)
    • to estimate the monetary worth of
    • to consider (sb. or sth.) to be important or beneficial; to have a high opinion of


Middle English: from Old French, feminine past participle of valoir (“be worth”), from Latin valere

In Other Languages

  • Bahasa Indonesia:
    • as a noun:
      • nilai (worth)
      • arti (significance, sense)
    • as a verb:
      • menilai (to assess value)
      • menghargai (to appreciate)
  • بهاس ملايو:
    • نيلاي (nilai) (noun)
    • مڠهرڬاي (menghargai) (verb)
  •  Cebuano:
    • bili (noun)
    • pagmanggad (verb)
  • Deutsch:
    • die (Zeit)wert, der Nutzen (noun)
    • schätzenbewerten (verb)
  • Español:
    • as a noun
      • el valor, la importancia
      • el mérito (merit, excellence)
    • as a verb
      • valorar, estimar (to assess value)
      • apreciar (to hold in esteem)
  • Filipino:
    • (ka)halaga(han), saysay, kabuluhan (noun)
    • halagahan (verb)
  • Français:
    • as a noun
      • la valeur, le mérite
      • l’utilité (usefulness)
    • as a verb
      • évaluer, éstimer (to assess value)
      • apprécier (to hold in esteem)
  • 한국어:
    • 값 (gabs) (noun)
    • 평가하다 (pyeong-gahada) (verb)
  •  Italiano:
    • as a noun
      • il valore (worth)
      • il prezzo (price)
      • le utilità (usefulness)
    • as a verb
      • valutare, stimare (to assess value)
      • apprezzare (to hold in esteem)
  • ភាសាខ្មែរ:
    • តមលៃ (tm lei) (noun)
    • ប៉ាន់តមលៃ (ban tm lei) (verb)
  •  Latino:
    • as a noun
      • precium, pretium, aestimatio (cost, price)
      • honos, dignitas (honor)
    • as a verb
      • aestimo, pendo (to assess value)
      • appretio, diligo (to hold in esteem)
  • မြန်မာဘာသာ:
    • တန်ဖိုး (noun)
    • တန်ဖိုးဖြတ်သည် (verb)
  •  日本語:
    • as a noun
      • 値 (あたい), 金高 (きんだか) (cost)
      • 価値 (かち) (merit)
    • 尊ぶ、貴ぶ (たっとぶ) (verb)
  • ພາສາລາວ:
    • ມູນຄ່າ (munkha), ຄຸນຄ່າ (khunkha) (noun)
    • ຄ່າ (kha) (verb)
  • ภาษาไทย:
    • มูลค่า (mūlkh̀ā) (noun)
    • as a verb
      • ตีราคา (tī rākhā) (to assess value)
      • นับถือ (nạbt̄hụ̄x) (to appreciate)
  • தமிழ்:
    • மதிப்பு (matippu) (noun)
    • விலை மதிப்பிடு (vilai matippiṭu) (verb)
  • Tiếng Việt:
    • giá trị, đánh giá (noun)
    • đánh giá (verb)
  •  中文:
    • 價值 / 价值 (Pinyin: jiàzhí) (noun)
    • 重視 / 重视 (Pinyin: zhòngshì) (verb)


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