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Daily Word (17 November 2014)

Yin yang (陰陽 / 阴阳)

| yīn yáng | (Pinyin)


  • (in Chinese philosophy and religion) two principles, one negative, dark, and feminine (yinand one positive, bright, and masculine (yangwhose interaction influences the destinies of creatures and things


Chinese “shady side [and] sunny side”, semantically “shady side of a hill [and] sunny side of a hill”

  • 陰: Radical(fù,“hill”; original form 阜 or 邑) + (yīn, “cloudy”, semantically “presence of clouds”), itself made of 今 (jīn, “now” or “present”) and 云 (yūn, “cloud”)
  • 阴: Radical(fù,“hill”; original form 阜 or 邑) + 月 (yuè, “moon”)
  • 陽: Radical(fù,“hill”; original form 阜 or 邑) + 昜 (yáng, “bright”, semantically “sun rays coming down”), itself made of 日 (, “sun”) and 勿 (, “rays coming down”)
  • 阳: Radical(fù,“hill”; original form 阜 or 邑) + 日 (, “sun”)

In Other Languages

  • 한국어: 음양 (eumyang)
  • 日本語: 陰陽 (いんよ、おんよ、おんみょ)
  • Tiếng Việt: âm dương

Definition taken from Dictionary.com.

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