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Daily Word (5 December 2014)


| ɪmˈpaʊə | or | ɛmˈpaʊə |


  • verb [with obj. and infinitive]
    • to give sb. the authority or power to do something
      • [with obj.] make sb. stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their own life and claiming their own rights


From em– (“to put into or on”) + power (Middle English, from Anglo-Norman French poeir, from an alteration of the Latin posse [“to be able”]).

In Other Languages

  • Bahasa Indonesia: memberdayakan, menguasakan
  • بهاس ملايو:
    • ممبري كواس كڤد (memberi kuasa kepada)
  • Cebuano: paghatag ug gahum
  • Deutsch: ermächtigen
  • Español: autorizarapoderar
  • Filipino: magbigay ng kapangyarihan
  • Français: habiliterdonner des pouvoirs, autoriser qn. à faire
  • 한국어: 권한을 부여 (gwonhan-eul buyeo)
  • Italiano: autorizzare
  • ភាសាខ្មែរ: ផ្តល់សិទ្ធិអំណាចដល់ (phtal setthi amnach dl)
  • Latino: talemlego
  • မြန်မာဘာသာ: လုပ်ပိုင်ခွင့် အာဏာပေးသည်
  • 日本語: エンパワー
  • ພາສາລາວ: ສ້າງຄວາມເຂັ້ມແຂງ (sangkhuaamkhemaekhng)
  • ภาษาไทย: ให้อำนาจ (H̄ı̂ xảnāc)
  • தமிழ்: அதிகாரம் (atikāram)
  • Tiếng Việt: ủy quyền
  • 中文: 授權 / 授权 (shòuquán), 棐 (fěi)


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