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Product Feature: GoSun Sport Stove

Social innovation has never become more crucial. In an age when¬†global warming – or its consequences, more of – has been causing unpleasant experiences for peoples and even whole nations – at the same time that there is also a whole faction saying humanity is not responsible for any, if at all, environment-related natural calamities¬†– it’s safe to say that it is best to do our part in preserving the environment, global warming or no global warming. After all, if we are going to pass the earth on to our descendants and their descendants, it’s good to cultivate a practice of sustainability and conservation as early as possible. A rich person who wastes their wealth will end up poor eventually.

That said, I always like reading on environmentally-friendly products, gadgets, or appliances. So when my best friend sent me this article (we read BuzzFeed everyday and swap links with each other) and I saw the item I’m going to discuss here, I knew¬†immediately that, although I would like all the items in the list, this is the one I want the most.

Introducing the GoSun Stove, a portable and environmentally-friendly cooking stove.

From (click to visit source)

From (click to visit source)

Launched in 2014, the GoSun stove (the model above is their flagship one, called the Sport) is every environmentalist’s and camper’s dream come true. For about USD 250.00, you get this curious apparatus that runs on nothing at all but the sunlight it absorbs, but is able to cook a proper meal – perhaps even more effectively than traditional stovetop cooking – in about twenty minutes. It can reach¬†up to 371¬ļC (700¬ļF), but usually works at 93 to 288¬™C (200 to 550¬ļF) – a range that¬†the temperatures used in an oven for baking lie comfortably in. And speaking of which, it’s not just baking you can do with it; any cooking method you need or want, it can do.

From (click to visit source)

From (click to visit source)

As I said, it runs on sunlight, but it can also work on cloudy days. Of course, I’m not about to try it on rainy days, but you get the drift. And this is how a metal tube can cook food properly with no fuel source whatsoever:

From (click to visit source)

From (click to visit source)

I am not a scientist, and this is not a science blog. However, we do have an obligation to be informed consumers, which is one way of living out personal CSR. Anyway, the point is that the principles of reflection and ray tracing, insulation, thermodynamics, and the greenhouse effect are all used in that one apparatus to achieve what they call solar cooking. (The science is explained here.) Essentially, sunlight is captured, concentrated, and trapped in a small space to heat it up nice and hot – similar to why you can fry an egg on your car’s dashboard or hood on a very sunny or hot day.

The ironic, yet innovative, thing about it is, and GoSun says it in the last line of that article, the GoSun stove “[maximizes] the greenhouse effect to help minimize the greenhouse effect”.

The cooking chamber is made of borosilicate glass, the technology behind Pyrex cookware, so it is quite durable and will take more than an accidental drop to break. Should it do so, however, GoSun provides a two-year warranty.

From (click to visit source)

From (click to visit source)

It is a bit pricy for me, but I also believe it is worth the investment. For one, it can lead to lower utility bills at home (I imagine cooking on the balcony), and thus save up on money that can be invested elsewhere. It is also sustainable, as it runs on an infinite source of energy. This, adding to the fact that it is portable (you can even purchase a carrying case for USD 39.00 here), is a huge plus in my book, given my love since childhood for anything portable and “in one” (hence, my everlasting preference for laptops over bulky desktops, things with carrying cases or storage boxes such as board games – you know it makes sense).

The GoSun Sport Stove is available on GoSun’s official website for USD 249.00 here, and ships free within the United States. It is also available on for USD 269.00 here, and ships free within the United States.

What are your thoughts?

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