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Announcement: CSR Learner's Corner Weekly Grace now on TDA

Good evening, dear readers!

As part of the restructuring going on at the CSR Learner’s Corner, we’re moving the Weekly Grace to The Daily Aloy. Not just that, but we’re going to use this as the basis of our Sunday features!

The Weekly Grace posts from the CSR Learner’s Corner can also be found under the “CSR Learner’s Corner Archives” category.

We’ve successfully migrated to the new CSR Learner’s Corner site, but we’re still finishing the “unpacking” – that is, we’re still fixing all the links and rearranging the current materials before we start putting up new ones. You can check it out at, but pardon the messy look!

Many thanks and happy learning!

Yours truly,

Digital Signature Informal

Allister Roy S. Chua

Founder, The Daily Aloy

Supervising Editor, CSR Learner’s Corner

What are your thoughts?

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