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Product Feature: Aquapick Oral Irrigation System

Aquapick Pros:

  • Very powerful jet stream helps remove food stuck in between teeth and gums more easily
  • Comes with 4 differently-colored nozzles that can be used by one member of the family each
  • Implant- and orthodontic-friendly

Aquapick Cons:

  • Not very practical for traveling or on the go

Do you use toothpicks?

3M/Khob Khun Club (click to visit)

3M/Khob Khun Club (click to visit)

I don’t, although it is high time I do so. Instead of toothpicks, my aunt uses interdental brushes, which are more environmentally-friendly and effective because the tiny bristles provide the extra cleaning action a plain toothpick does not. I was so intrigued when I first saw it, just over three years ago, that I asked her for one. Lo and behold, it is in my bag but I do not use it. I really should.

These are perfect on the go, such as when you’re at work or traveling. But for the home, a more stable and powerful option is available – and what’s more, one set can suit the family!

Introducing the Oral Irrigation System.

Aquapick/O Shopping (click to visit)

Aquapick/O Shopping (click to visit)

Those who are afraid of plaque and cavities need not fear any longer with this dental wonder of today’s technology. A Samsung-affiliated brand, Aquapick, is behind this so-called “dental spa”, which wraps up the toothbrushing and flossing processes using a unique, powerful jet stream of water aimed (pun unintended) for complete oral cleansing, especially between the teeth and gums.

The water comes from a 500 mL storage tank in the apparatus that reminds me of the Krups-made Nespresso machines. To make matters even more appealing, it comes with not just one, but four nozzles – which can be used for one member each of the family, for instance! These nozzles are stored in a dust-proof compartment behind the nozzle-holder, thereby ensuring the hygiene standard is not compromised.

The water powers the nozzle, with a pulsation of 1,200 times per minute – definitely helpful in getting food debris stuck, especially those annoying ones that seem to be ultra-clingy (such as little bits of nori seaweed). Its rhythm will even “massage” your gums thoroughly, promoting blood circulation in them and thus overall health. It’s friendly towards implant and orthodontic patients, so if you have braces and fear them being somehow undone when using this, fear no further.

According to O Shopping channel, it is best to use the Aquapick system for 1 minute after brushing your teeth with a toothbrush (regular or electric) and then flossing. The floss removes the larger bits, while the Aquapick wraps them up. It’s definitely a great way to avoid bad breath and prevent dental diseases from popping up; now, our best intentions and efforts to take care will surely pay off.

I would recommend this to every household!

The Aquapick Oral Irrigation System is available on O Shopping for Php3,995.00 or on Amazon (US) for US$174.65 with free shipping.

What are your thoughts?

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