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[BREAKING NEWS] TDA to close indefinitely and turn 180 degrees

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Dear readers,

It is my sad duty to inform you as founder and resident blogger at The Daily Aloy that we will be closing down the site indefinitely.

This is due to my very recent insights that what I have been writing about has turned out to be baseless, unreasonable, and illogical. I realized that they are only making me make things hard for myself, when I can enjoy the conveniences that modern life has brought us. I need the time to structure my new revelations properly so that I can present a much-improved TDA to my own satisfaction and to yours.

Take, for example, my articles on plastic straws or on bringing food containers. Why do I have to hassle myself and make my bag heavy or bulky whenever I go out, when there are disposable straws and food containers available anyway for free at the places I go to? Surely these things are biodegradable, and any toxins, if there are, come¬†only in minimal amounts. It’s society’s fault that they don’t properly recycle these things, so why do we have to accommodate them? Furthermore, we’d be doing the suppliers a great dishonor by not availing of their products, which would cause their profits to fall and thus force them to terminate precious employees or even shut down in the long-term.

Science and technology have unlocked so much potential for the world especially at this current age. There are so many things that are available to make life enjoyable, convenient, easy, and comfortable. Why do we have to go and live simply when we can go all out and honor the wonders of modern creation by taking every opportunity there is? Buy every kind of quality good available and revel in the luxury of quality. Replace your gadgets with the most updated ones to take advantage of the new technologies out there.

We¬†need money, you say? Definitely! Money makes the world go ’round, and is the reason why things are what they are today. In seeking the maximum profit can we be able to invest in development for everyone. Why settle for less when you can go for more? There is so much in life to be enjoyed, and money is the key to gaining all of that.

Why should we be responsible for others, both in the present and the future, when we should first and foremost be responsible for ourselves? Life is so short, and our time is so limited, that we should live like we are dying and enjoy it to the maximum, as much as we can. It’s every man for himself. The opportunity to enjoy life is dwindling every minute, and rapidly at that. There are so much of us in the world today that only the fittest ones will survive, as Darwin said, and survive to enjoy the “carnage”. We may as well be among the fittest.

No wonder¬†big business treats CSR only as a dispensable leg. It really isn’t needed to propel the business forward. As long as business gets its job done (pun unintended) and makes money, then it won’t have a problem. After all, money is the name of the game, and the more it has it, the better its position on the global stage. Milton Friedman was correct.

Man should be self-centered in all senses of the word. We have so much potential and so much greatness to unlock and build on. The Secret is real: we can unlock and achieve all of our desires. We just need to think on it constantly and visualize them. It is modern meditation: meditating on what we desire, thinking positive only. No room or time to think about the negative Рwe are too busy trying to get the most we can out of life to do that. Why waste your time on unpleasant thoughts when you can devote it all to pleasant and happy ones?

As we close our doors and rework the entire strategic direction of¬†The Daily Aloy¬†to support my newfound insights, on behalf of¬†The Daily Aloy I would like to thank you, my readers, supporters, and commenters, for having given my site your support these past months. May the 180-degree turn prove to be the first step in TDA’s journey to greatness and success.


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Allister Roy S. Chua

Founder and Blogger

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