Go for it, young purposeful live-r!

We have all these dreams, all these passions. We have all our big, fat plans jam-packed with ideas on saving the world (or not). Everything is in place for us to go and live out what we stand for, what we believe we are purposed to do.

Well, everything except for the action.

We’re inspired and galvanized to do all these grand things, but a fair number of us actually stop short of actual doing. For any or a lot of reasons: we’re¬†busy. We’re¬†afraid. We¬†don’t know how to start. We¬†don’t have money. I myself fall into this trap sometimes.

But it’s true that if you really love something, you’d do it no matter the cost. And if it’s your purpose you’re putting into action, then you ought to do it with a sense of urgency. Just do it. Hence, our mantra for today,¬†“Dare You to Move”.

In at least one reflection activity in school, I’ve heard and reflected on this song already. I don’t remember the exact purpose, but it may seem to have been related to leadership – to encourage us to take that crucial first step. The first step is always the hardest.

When you’re working with innovation – especially¬†social¬†innovation, for that matter – things are always uncertain. As a rule. As my mentor once told me (here I paraphrase it), innovation¬†itself¬†is full of uncertainty, precisely because of what innovation is all about. It would definitely be easier said than done to put innovative things into action, to go for it.

But that’s exactly why we’re in innovation: We see so much opportunity for change for the better, for an untapped gold mine, that we believe we have concocted a – or the –¬†solution to make the most of that said opportunity. If you’re coming from the perspective of living out what you stand for, that feeling is much, much stronger, because you’re more likely to invest the entirety of your being in it –¬†especially when it’s uniquely yours.

The businesspeople in us would caution against taking that final plunge, saying things such as, “Hold on! What’s the return on my investment here [financial or otherwise]?” “Is it worth the troubles I’ll go through?” “Will it click?” But I say to you, the biggest risk is not taking the risk at all – as is in the financial system, so it is here. You run the risk of regretting hundredfold that you did not tap into a certain opportunity.¬†Of not having shared your brilliant idea with the world to the consequence that someone else did. Of not trusting your instinct or your God to carry you along as you live your purpose.

If we were disciplined workers, we would already take into consideration the possible risks or problems that can arise –¬†and¬†come up with potential solutions to them. This would stem not just from evaluating the plans you’ve made, but also testing them out with a few others – the Lean Startup’s Get Out Of The Building. Therefore, what we have on hand is our best bet already – we have already evaluated and validated them, possibly judged that it would still be wisest to push through, with the only clear remaining step being to actually take the first step into the wide expanse beyond.

As we start a new working week, recovered from our Sunday rest, I invite РI urge Рus all to take that dive into the wonderful, deep, deep blue ahead, in living our personal responsibility, our faithfulness, our purpose. I dare us all to move.

Have a blessed week ahead!

“Dare You to Move” was written by Jonathan Foreman of Switchfoot, and first recorded by them in 2000 for their album¬†Learning to Breathe.

What are your thoughts?

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