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[Site Announcement] Slowdown of Posts

Hello, TDA readers!

You may notice that the site may have been experiencing some slow “news days” this week. This is due to terribly slow Internet connections in our area lately (of which the recent inclement weather is to blame) – and the fact that Bittersweet Faith (taken from the song of the same name by the downtempo duo Bitter:Sweet), my laptop, is still in the “hospital” (i.e. it is being repaired).

I am currently using a relatively slower back-up computer and getting myself used to using WordPress for iOS and Android (if you’re interested in starting your own blog and lead a mobile lifestyle, then I very much recommend starting on WordPress with these apps); as such, it is a bit difficult for me at the moment to keep on writing. But rest assured that I will never leave you, my dear readers.

In the meantime, while there isn’t any new post, you can browse other posts on this site as I also work behind the scenes to streamline it to serve your purpose (pun intended): check out concrete ways on being responsible, reflect on eternal truths presented by Christ, or philosophize on living a higher purpose.

Have a purposeful week ahead!

What are your thoughts?

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