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It’s all about harmony and love!

Warner Bros./Pokémon

Warner Bros./Pokémon

It is one of the most profound scenes a children’s movie can ever make, and especially personal to me as it comes from my favorite franchise until now. A scene of unnecessary strife, of selfishness, of greed… of pride.

The scene towards the climax of Pokémon: The First Movie where all the clones and all the original Pokémon are battling each other – save for two pairs of them – has in its background set a song that lambasts and laments what is happening, and philosophizes and reflects on the necessity (or lack thereof) of such happening. Both song and video never fail to give me the chills – and its message is depressingly more relevant today than it ever was. This is “Brother, My Brother” by Blessid Union of Souls.

Created for and featured in the movie, the song is a universal call to and for love, peace, and harmony. It questions the motives and ethic of war and conflict, and denounces pride as the reason for hatred and discord. It invites us all to take a look inside and at each other, and realize that we are all the same and ought to love one another, because there is no reason for otherwise.

Religions the world over have realized this basic fact of existence and call everyone to practice it. Christianity, in particular, is the religion of love, for God is not simply the God of Love, but Love itself. We are called to build our world on the bonds of love and peace, and promote social justice out of the simple principle that it is God’s love for each and every one of us.

Unfortunately and sadly, many people do not realize this today. Though the World Wars were a century ago, wars and mistrust still abound the world over. Even down to the basic building block of love – the family – there is strife – between husband and wife, parent and child, brother and sister. On a most extreme level, it can and does turn deadly. No one can ever forget or forgive the Holocaust, which stemmed from pride and pride alone.

When it gets right down to it, we are all equal – equal before the eyes of God. No one is superior to the other that they can justify oppression and hatred. We were all taught to love and be in harmony with each other, to build a community that manifests the Good News of the Lord – or however other cultures and faiths see this one eternal truth.

One of my heroes and idols, in fact, had it right: harmony is just the scientific name of love. His context was how all the cells of our body, though they are each intelligent and autonomous, all work together in perfect harmony to advance the agenda of the body. Take this to a higher level: we are all members of the Christian Body. We are those cells that, however intelligent and autonomous, need to work in perfect harmony for the body of the Christian Church to function well. Without that, the Kingdom of God will never be realized.

As we begin this new week, let us always remember this plain and simple but highly profound truth, and use it as a guiding principle in our lives. Love-cum-harmony is a prerequisite to responsibility and consciousness. It drives the spirit of faith and service. And it definitely is a cornerstone of living your higher purpose.

Wishing you a purposeful week ahead!

“Brother, My Brother” was written by Eliot Sloan and Charles P. Walker (two members of BUOS) and first released in the soundtrack to Pokémon: The First Movie, released in 1998.

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