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We the doctors of the world

The late Michael Jackson was known for using the word “love” generously – and he meant it. He was never ashamed to express and show his love for others, and I think that is an example of true consciousness and service. The ideal world in God’s eyes runs on love and uses as its building block active love. God, in fact, can be very well described as Love itself, and it is love that led him to send his only begotten Son into the world – love for us.

Of course, our world is far from ideal, but it doesn’t mean we should stop striving for such a world. Fortunately, a lot of people today have realized that our ancestors – especially those of the past several centuries alone – have injured the world so much and are calling us to action to be its many doctors – to both nature and to society. And its one most poignant musical rallying¬†point is this one, a personal favorite of mine. It is so iconic in the field of social development, and Jackson envisioned it to be so, that there is a foundation named after it. After twenty-four years, the message still stands strong and ever-relevant: “Heal the World”.

The song, its video, and its accompanying foundation are all children-oriented, to help make the world a better place for the young ‘uns growing up, the young ‘uns who are frankly the hope of today. But people treat “Heal the World” way beyond, and I love it. The song is now an anthem for consciousness and service, with its lyrics calling for a holistic better world. It becomes a call for environmentalism, for a¬†healing of the literal world. It is the chant of human rights, the Universal Declaration of which I can say is based on a society of love and justice. It is the Great Commandment of Jesus Christ in musical form.

It encapsulates our hopes and dreams for a better world, a world where no one is left behind and everyone moves forward in the name of love and Love.

Coming from a background of social enterprise, the album artwork of the “Heal the World” single, while perfectly in line with the song’s title, is not strong enough for me. For a true healing of the world, we cannot just keep on imposing band-aid solutions, but we need to do a total overhaul of our systems (or lack thereof): systems of injustice, of corruption, of hatred, of war, and most importantly of a lack of consciousness and mindfulness. We need to change the entire game and make sure that not a single one¬†of its players and spectators will get hurt or abandoned.

We cannot simply sit back and watch how things evolve. We will need to take a stand, because regardless of the results, we are also affected; it is thus our responsibility to take responsibility. And, when it gets right down to it, where would you go? To the side of those fighting for a better world, or those who want to destroy it (and thus destroy your own life as well)?

Here at TDA, we are all for healing the world through finding our true purposes rooted in consciousness and service. Purpose that is not conscious is not purpose for me, because it fails to take into account the consequences our actions have on our fellowman and our common home – which already runs contrary to our primordial jobs as stewards of creation and our current jobs as followers of the Great Commandment. True purpose is always other-oriented, and always seeks to build an inclusive Kingdom of Heaven – one where everyone is welcome.

So, let’s all do our part to heal the world!

“Heal the World” was written¬†by Michael Jackson, and performed by him on his 1991 album¬†Dangerous.

What are your thoughts?

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