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[BC&C] Keep inspiring!

I am very pleased to introduce to you our new column, Between Coffee and Cheers. This is a weekly column by our very own Lalissa Singson, my partner-in-crime in philosophizing about living a purposeful life,┬áliving out┬áThe Daily Her through writing, wisdom, and art. Every Wednesday, make sure to check back at this spot for your own piece of mid-week sanity between coffee and cheers. She’ll feature an artwork and a brief reflection on or behind it.


LS.CCM.20151125-Keep Inspiring

Artwork copyright 2015 Lalissa C. Singson

Life comes in different facets. As long as we believe, we can help the world spin in a better light. Pain will come and go. Love will blossom every now and then. Laughter will always be a gift. Passion will forever be our reason. Inspiring each other will be a very precious form of building a strong society. Keep growing.

Keep inspiring.

What are your thoughts?

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