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Be fearless

54b7e40bfb8ca752efa0b2e358cff1df85e2f99a0172fccd12b227c316bfb108Go out of your comfort zone.

The most magical things happen when we step out from the usual, comfortable life. I used to be overprotected until I decided to live far from our home. It was not easy at first but I decided to be strong so I can live the life that I have been aspiring for — full of freedom and independence.

By stepping out of the comfort zone, I have been to far flung places that people do not really dare of going, learned new skills, memorized road maps and side streets, and met different kinds of people who in one way or the other shaped me to who I am right now.

You have to be firm. Parents trust their children who are strong-willed. Writer and statesman┬áJohann Wolfgang von Goethe says “there are two gifts we should give to our children: one is roots, and the other is wings.”

And sometimes, for you receive, you shall seek and ask for it. Along the way you have to prove that you deserve it as well.

There are unlimited possibilities when you try. Be brave. Fly.


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