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Fake it ’till you make it


At some point, we ruin our own disposition for the sake of other people. When you feel down but needs to bring out a high energy to the crowd, you mask yourself to carry on. You try to burst in a loud laugh because an article says that laughter triggers happy hormone. You grab a drink, greet people with a hug, and eventually sail on the occasion. A great way to pull off something, to hide all the feelings that has been smashing on you these past few days.

Walk on.

It takes courage to convince ourselves that along the way of moving on, we will find the bright rays that we have been hungry about. The pains, sufferings, tears, and uncertainties will fade as soon as the sunshine of our lives has come out.

Well, who told you?

Sorry, you create your own sunshine.

We ruin relationships by being hard on ourselves. This relationship is not just about other people but also our very own self. Life is made up of seasons and sometimes we get into a terrible situation when it seems like hope is already gone. Make peace with your self. Stop blaming what could have been. Stop overthinking. Stop recalling those which hurt you. We all have a history of pain, it is you who decides to heal. Happiness takes effort. Sometimes, it takes forceful way. Fake happiness until you make it.

What are your thoughts?

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