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[TDY Week] Beginnings


It’s the first Monday of the new year, and as we settle back into our daily routines, we do so knowing that we can do so with a fresh start. Or we might not be settling back into our daily routines, instead embarking on new ones. Either way, the New Year heralds beginnings, and this is too great an opportunity to pass up.

After the roller coaster that was 2015 – at least for me it was an emotional roller coaster, having grown as I have never grown before, but having lost as I have never lost before as well – I’d like to think that I am done with that year, that I can shake all of it away and start anew. Easier said than done, especially since my being an inefficient worker ensures I always have pending matters, which is a big no-no. But let’s see if that will change this 2016. I really hope so.

But I will need to change some things to change others – that’s the way it is. Sometimes, the best results come indirectly, from the result of something else that has been done, and that’s the magic that we call life. Things can be so unexpected, and when they come, they may delight us such as we’ve never been.

(Look: TDY’s Instagram post on true change)

So as we begin yet another week in the best time of our lives – and the best time is every time – we at The Daily You will be offering you a series of posts on beginnings, on new things. It’s all about in with the new for this week, and we invite you to join us as we start (pun completely intended) our 2016 right.

Have a purposeful year!

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