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Hello. Let’s talk about Peace. 

It has been awhile. I know that this blog-column was left empty for several months due to some self-struggles that I have to deal with. I will share about it in due time once I have already fully embraced the reality without apprehensions. 

In a nutshell, I have been chasing the sense of peace for quite some time now. It is sometimes easy but oftentimes hard due to some circumstances. I went to a new meditation class, travelled in far flung provinces, painted in different canvasses, wrote plenty of thoughts, but what I have missed out is to truly ask myself what I honestly need. 

I need peace. My world has been so noisy all this time. It is time for silence. 

In my spiritual yoga class years back, one of the most important things that I learned is peace. Primarily, peace is acquired through silence. Yet silence is not only acquired through an absence of noise but it actually comes during the absence of vexations. Hence, you must be away from senseless noise, from grudges, from foul language, from dirty thoughts, from uncalled for judgment.. We are all guilty somehow at some point. This is the reason why I choose to be silent especially when others seem to be noisy about senseless things. Maybe they have a point on their noise-making but the way they sound does not bring justice to others. Shhh. 

Peace is achieved through mindfulness and genuine service to others. I will talk about mindfulness in my next article. For the mean time, let us take a moment of silence. 

Ohm Shanti. 

In the photo shows one of my recent travel destinations in Mindanao.

What are your thoughts?

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