Poetry & Prose / TDY Series

TDY on World Poetry Day

I had a dream
A dream out of slumber
A dream I can quite remember
In the corner of my mind it lingers

But it bites at me like an insistent flea
Now it lives inside me
And I need to live with it
Because I lose purpose when I resist

‘But what,’ you say, ‘is purpose…?’
Purpose is what keeps your breath
The true journey you take ’til death
That nothing can ever equate
But which could also take a lifetime
To fulfill and shape the world

But that’s okay. It’s who you are, after all.
Your mind, your heart, your soul
No sense in rushing it all
Because great things take time
And though time is of the essence,
The intent rules it all

So don’t worry if the dream is still just that – a dream
One day you will rise to fulfill
Just look within thyself
To see the worth
To see the way
To find the reason
Your reason to live
Beyond what your self demands
But instead what the world demands
That make you dream
And live The Daily You.


by Aloy Chua and Lali Singson
for World Poetry Day

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