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Balance through Mindfulness

I like being alone in coffee shops. Most of the time it is all about scribbling random thoughts or watching people pass by. The most refreshing moment is when I let my tea steep through the steam as I drench myself in silence.

Silence is a gateway to mindfulness. Mindfulness is when we detach ourselves from all the earthly issues and instead get in touch with our spirituality. It is the moment when we allow our inner self to cleanse out all the negative vibes.

My raj yoga class taught me several philosophies in order to achieve mindfulness in the middle of a noisy world:

“Listen to what they say but do not let it affect your judgment and emotions.”
We vary in perception, hence we must be careful of how we process the information heard from the other party. Prior to making judgment or arriving at conclusion, it never hurts to ask why the point boils down to that. Understanding never robs off a chance to settle between parties.

“In the middle of challenging situations, detach yourself to evaluate if it is worth arguing about or settling for the better.”
Back off a little to see the wider picture. Evaluate which arguments intersect and which one has been off tangent to one another. To provide good judgment, both parties must he heard. Eventually you will discover that there is an unnecessary rift at hand.

“If you have more capacity to understand, be the one to understand.”
Open up your eyes, ears, heart, and senses. Strive hard not to be clouded by emotions. Protect people from harm by being the guiding light.


It may be a challenge to practice these especially when assertiveness is your rule of thumb. Before being in the rage, it is best that you evaluate because who knows, you might be the one who is wrong all this time.

A lot of failed relationships root from bad judgment.


What are your thoughts?

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