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Lady, you are worth it!

Although March is Women’s Month, it is a good thing that we (women) celebrate our womanhood every single minute. We are born to bring positive influence to the world. The past decades have learned that women shall be of equal to men and be tagged as partner in enabling a better world. Some cultures may not fully adapted it yet, but I am optimist to the idea that soon we will blur out the boundaries. 
Social media has been a channel of women empowerment. If you will notice, the netizens have started to welcome the truth on the diversity of beauty, preferences, ambitions, lifestyle, and almost anything that we decide on. 

To spread out more women-love, here are some chunks of truth to read on:

– Sometimes it feels like the day has already washed off your prettiness, but remember that no amount of being tired can take away the beauty brought by the passion in your eyes. 

– Confidence is backed up with wisdom and knowledge. Always nourish the mind to avoid rotting out.

– Listen before talking. This saves us from the notion of “being emotionally-driven.” Women are emotional but we can be rational as well. Prove it. 

– Kindness is never out of fashion. 

– Walk away from something that does not make you happy. 

– Regardless if you are wearing flats or stilettos, how you carry yourself is what really makes you stand out. This comes in handy with what you wear. Stay classy. Stay decent. 

– Moisturize! Keep that youthful glow. 

– You are not an option. You deserve true love. 

– Your intuition is (almost) always right. 

– Girl friends keep you sane. Choose the best ones, then keep them. 

– Always make it to the point to at least laugh once a day. It will keep you away from depression. 

– Pray. A good relationship with God makes you glow. 

– Believe in yourself. 

– You Are Worth It. 

What are your thoughts?

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