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This thing called love


I am in-love. 

Not in a romantic kind of way but how life has been like ever since I embraced the real essence of love. 

I am blessed to be surrounded by a loving family and great friends. I can do the things that at I am passionate about. I can paint, write, travel, eat, and live according to how I want it to be despite my disorder (a counsellor told me that I should call it ‘tendencies’ instead). 

Since my diagnosis, I exerted double effort to mask this condition and channel my energy to love others. Life is short. Life is mysterious. Life is too clever to put you in a situation where you will be able to realize that nothing lasts forever. 

If so, then, better cherish while it is still there. To cherish means to love. It is all about adoring the good side yet being mindful of the things to improve on as well. 

An article entitled Four Qualities of Love explains how love should really be like. For many years, we have overused the word “love” to things, people, or situations that do not fit the real essence of it.

Love is all about compassion, enlightenment, genuine happiness, and assurance. Love is something shared with a good friend or family member whom you are willing to devote your time on just to make sure that he or she will be in a better situation before you part ways for the day. Love is sensitive and attentive to the needs. Love is not selfish. Love is free-flowing, full of freedom. 

The humor of this life is it reveals the noble truth just when you find yourself at the verge of giving up. Perhaps the true love up there in Heaven has stationed you in that situation to make sure that the message gets across. 

To love is the humanity’s purpose. How we translate it into action is part of the free will given to us. Action with purpose is service. To serve is to love. 

And yes, I am in-love. 

What are your thoughts?

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