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TDY introduces Ink Stains

Dear Readers,

I am happy to announce that Between Coffee & Cheers (BC&C) comes out in a new face today through Ink Stains.

When BC&C was initially conceptualized, Aloy and I agreed that I will share my musings with calligraphy / watercolor lettering as centerpiece. Yet, I must confess that I was not able to make it sustainable due to personal reasons. There were weeks when I did not post anything, I was lost and afraid to express myself publicly.

Such condition became a catharsis to my point of view in life, self, and in dealing with others. Indeed, God has a way of fixing us. Sometimes, it comes in a disaster that presents its beauty shortly after the turbulence has faded.

If you will notice, BC&C in the past weeks was centered to me. It felt like a diary, but it is high time that I switch back my service to you as we fulfill our outstanding mission to usher you in the journey to a purposeful living.

Ink Stains will talk about my observations on regular life happenings. Here you will discover snippets of my outgoingness and how the TDY influence is part and parcel of a ‘regular’ lifestyle. Imagine enjoying life the responsible way!

I cannot wait for the coming weeks. I am so excited to share the world according to how I encounter it. May Ink Stains bring learnings and realizations that will stimulate a call to action either to one’s self or, better yet, to a wider scale of communities. Leave a mark, be a legacy.

This is such a wonderful beginning.


What are your thoughts?

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