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[Top 5] Types of Friendship to Keep You Going

Friends are extensions of ourselves. In this lifetime, we need people to help us get through whatever life throws in. Friends do not have to be plenty, they just have to be real.

People who come in our lives have a role to play. Let us hope that those who come in have interesting roles and personalities, too. After all, a life well-lived is a life made of great friendships.

Sharing now the five types of [genuine] friendships that we need to have and to be:

1. For good times and a whole lot of fun

They are the friends who make sleepless nights possible. They take you to parties, concerts, make you laugh so hard you cry, hang out with you for some booze, travel with you, and are always a call away for ‘gigs.’ They are the best pick-me-ups especially when you got your heart broken or has been crazy due to the million overwhelming things in your head.

Keep them for you remain sane through their craziness.

2. For dream chasing and goal getting

They are the ones who inspire you to go get that dream. They are cheerleaders in their own right. They want you to succeed. They help you reach for your goals no matter how challenging it might be.

Keep them for they usher you to success.

3. That which whom you have deep connections with

You click, and the conversations turn endless. Talk about anything under the sun with no dull moments. It feels like a wonderland of ideas, fill-in-the-blank games, and plenty of deep talks that only a few will entertain. These are caused by wavelengths. Others call it soulmates.

Keep them for they ignite your sense of value.

4. That which was cultivated in the family

All families are dysfunctional, but find a common ground where everyone can feel the sense of belongingness and fun. People come and go but family is special because of the common ‘blood’ that binds you all. The friendship can be about walks in the park, talks over dinner, or even simple how-are-yous on the way home.

Keep the friendship in the family alive, for it is how the bond is strengthened.

5. That which we call God

Faith is subjective. One of the most important things to remember is to keep our relationship with God alive. Call Him in the middle of the day. Talk to Him while on your way to grab food. Ask Him to guide your decisions. Whisper to Him to bless the person who just passed by. Stay in the Church for several minutes in silence just to feel His love. Make Him your companion.

Strengthen the relationship with Him. It is the anchor towards joy.

So, who got all slots checked?

What are your thoughts?

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