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How do you wake up in the morning?

Our waking moments indicate the most important matters in our life. These could be thoughts on what you need to do, who you think of, what you look forward to, or even the shadows of yesterday. Often we miss out to put ourselves first. Little that we live out the fact that the first thoughts of the morning affect how the succeeding minutes of the day will be like.

While social media can be one of the first activities of our morning, it will be refreshing to make use of our mobile phone alarms in feeding our minds with the healthiest thoughts. Think of a motivator that wakes you up and at the same time nourishes the garden of your mind.

TDY shares a glimpse of its founders’ alarm. On the left is mine while on the right is Aloy’s.


The ‘You are loved ❤️’ idea started out as a cheer to myself. My alarm has been displaying the message for three years now. It is comforting in the morning that I get to be the reminded of His unconditional love, hence brings out my sense of gratitude for the life that I have, my family, my friends, and how God showers us His blessings in the most unexpected ways.

Meanwhile, Aloy’s alarm was influenced by mine (wink, wink). With the million things that he has to do each day, great reminders on his waking time will surely be an awesome jumpstart. His alarm set is pretty impressing because it talks about the things that he believe in and are suppose to live out.

Try this life hack in the next 21 days, you might just find yourself extra refreshed and ready to seize the day.

Have a great morning!

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