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How to keep peace in this political noise

With only a few days left before the Philippine National Elections, millions of Filipinos have become more passionate in expressing their support especially to their presidential candidate. Aside from the I-am-indeed-right thinking on social media, people openly discuss their political points-of-view over meal, while on the road, during meetings, and in any form of human interaction that they have. It is even crazy to hear that a lot of friendships have been rattled because of such discussions.

But, is it really worthy to lose people because of their political stand?

A friend, who is happily married for almost 20 years now, has a very practical tip to those who share the same house with someone who has a different belief (i.e., the husband): do not talk about it.

This also applies to colleagues, friends, and to whoever you have relations with.

It is because at the end of it all, once the new president has been announced, we go back to the usual life. This includes interacting with our loved ones. It is inevitable.

Are you willing to risk relationships built for years just because of your ‘radical’ political stand and a little spat with someone? No, most probably.


In a Communication Theory class, students learn the art of communicating and how circumstances affect reactions. Often it is not always what we say but it more on how we convey ideas or truth which hurt other people.

An example will be correcting someone. If you say “that was wrong” with a straight face or a tone that seems insulting, chances are the other party will get offended. Compared to “oh dear, looks like there is a better way to do it,” the one who made the mistake will be glad to hear a piece of advice on how to improve.

Be open. Respect their opinion. Share an idea but do not bash. Bashing is trash talk. Trash talk damages the morale. It tears the society apart.

Let us pray for a fair, clean, and honest elections. They say that this event in our country is among the most controversial. Whoever wins will change the landscape of our country. The leader could only do so much. Let us not forget that as citizens, it is our prime duty to follow rules and regulations, express responsibly, and serve even as a private individual.

Meanwhile, in this society of mixed up perspectives, be an instrument of peace.

What are your thoughts?

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