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Beginnings, change, and age

One popular cliche says “be careful of what you wish for, you might just get them all.” Getting everything that you want will either bring in curse or a spring of happiness. Either way, it is all about the new.

Beginnings and change always go hand-in-hand. One has to go through change in order to welcome new things in life. The Philippine political landscape is at the brink of change right now. Its citizens are exhilarated on the anticipated change. Personally, we must also be ready not just on how the society will be re-shaped but also on how our very own selves must adjust.

Life is made up of seasons. We have to trust the timing of our lives. Sometimes we wait too long. Sometimes it comes too soon. Aside from faith, one thing that we can do is to prepare in order to be right for the anticipated beginning. We have to change our ways, our way of thinking, and even our attitude while we wait. Great things are not easy to acquire, anyway.

If we want a better self, we have to start caring for our physical aspect, nourish our minds, cleanse the desires of our hearts, and enrich our spirituality. If we want a better output whether for work or school, we have to change our habits and re-align our productivity goals. If we want better relationships, we must start with the foundation — trust, respect, understanding, support, active listening, and sincerity.

When we plot out our life goals, age becomes one of the markers that will help us indicate the level of success that we have. Some people tend to grow old too fast because of how they want to rush things while others take more of their time and see good things unfold. Again, we must trust the timing of our lives.   

An artist once said that there is no such thing as an amateur because we are all in the process of learning regardless of years of practice. Some people start young and great, others start later in life but still great, while some have the hiatus and the ‘manic’ side of their greatness. Regardless, what really matters are things done great, those that leave impact.

Endure on the current. Aim high. Be resilient. Embrace new beginnings. It is nice to savor success but what makes it profoundly wonderful is the journey leading to it.

Meanwhile, cheers!

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