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How do you deal with change?

Today’s Ink Stain will be short and sweet. The days have been hectic for most of us, and some of the people’s flames are slowly dying. We are all challenged to bring out the best in us. It is now up to us if we will be resistant or resilient.

What is being resistant? Being resistant is when you try to slide off from the currents of change. It could be a good or a bad thing, but its definitely about yielding away. Meanwhile, being resilient is all about standing still , being adaptive, and growing with the change.

Choosing between the two boils down once again to purpose. Let us ask ourselves: does each step lead me to the fulfillment of my reason for living? Feel your heart. Does it leap and turn giddy to the idea of achieving your soul’s deepest desire? Feel it. Then, you know the answer.

Keep going.

What are your thoughts?

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