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The thrill of fun and getting the good

They say that finding the good (or best) is one of the rarest and most elusive thing in this world — be it in a form of a thriving career, loving relationships, and even with one’s self. Some people may get the good thing at an earlier stage of their life because of the timing that was meant for them. Some take years to encounter what they thought will never encounter, ergo call it a piece of serendipity.

For the sake of this article, let us tag “the good thing” as something personal for you and I. Think of your aspiration in terms of career, business, success, family, romance, self, community, or anything that has value to you. “The Good Thing” could be your utopia.

Despite the wonderful reality of already getting the good thing, why do others still play around with a mediocre that they have stumbled upon? Why do some opt for a third party despite a loving partner, or mess up in a job that was dreamed by many, or why do they inflict chaos in a peaceful society?

What is the reason behind all these things? Are we still in touch with our core values or have we already been swallowed up by the idea of temporary ‘happiness’ and YOLO?

Again, let us not be blinded by what is enjoyable at the moment. The present time can bring so many options, a lot of them even disguise as good when actually there is selfishness behind. Before we act on something, let us ask ourselves:

  1. Will it not harm anyone, or even my self? The environment? Health?
  2. Is it related to my values? Will it bring good example?
  3. Will my parents or circle of friends still be proud of me?
  4. Will I hide the consequences if ever something untoward comes up?

Live mindfully, and do not be too lax. The mediocre will appear blinding. The good takes time yet oftentimes uncomfortable at first. The good is never elusive, we just have to walk on the right road.

What are your thoughts?

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