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The evidence of mindfulness is composure

Have you ever heard of the term “grace under pressure”? People use the phrase every time a stressful moment shoots up yet one needs to remain cool and collected. Being in the state of composure only becomes possible when the person can temporarily detach from the situation in order to assess the scenario.

Face it: there will be untoward incidents but we can always anticipate and control panic. Being calm is the first step. Next is to look at the big picture. Immediately diagnose and straighten out the following concerns.

For discussion’s sake, imagine yourself in one of the most stressful moments of your life. 

1. What is the current situation?

Assess as if you are not part of the problem. Be objective but be careful not to offend anyone as you sort things out.

2. What needs to be done? Any possible quick decision?

Go into a root cause analysis. Are there yes or no questions that need to be answered right away? With knowledge and instinct, be firm in your answer in order to keep up with the next steps.

3. Who are the people involved or must be involved?

At this point there is no sense in blaming others. Help one another. Build someone up if necessary in order to boost the confidence in getting the job done.

4. Is this beyond my control? Or am I just overthinking?

Pause. Ask for the grace in order to be blessed with the sense of wisdom to accept what we can or we cannot change, and let go of unnecessary thoughts.

5. Do I really need to freak out?

Never! Negative vibes pull the spirit of those around you. Be the ray of sunshine despite the most challenging situations.


Learning the art of being composed takes time. It comes along with the practice of optimism. Whatever you nourish in your mind crawls to your emotions and fumes out through energy. To be composed means to live in the present. Think and act without the spank of anxiety. Remove all the apprehensions. Be tough. Be versatile. The only person who loses when you lose your composure is you. And, never forget to smile.

Keep conquering the world!

What are your thoughts?

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