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How to deal with a rough morning

We have all been there at one point — waking up as if the world is against our vibe; the alarm did not ring, the water was not hot, the dogs were noisy, the sunny side up was not perfect, and our planned outfit was still in the laundry. Then, you arrive at the workplace or in school only to realize that your keys were forgotten somewhere.

Rough mornings really happen. They could be inevitable somehow but one thing that we can be in full control of is our disposition towards these things.

We are humans with moods that are ever-changing. Some people are moody because of biological factors such as hormones, illness, or medication. Some are even caused by a personality type (but this shall not always be an excuse). One thing that we can be in full control of, though, is our perception and our reaction towards a scenario.

Mindfulness begins with the consciousness acknowledging the fact that this world is not perfect but we can be adaptive.

Mornings are always fresh beginnings. Therefore, welcoming the new day shall be greatly played on by our minds. Just like a good breakfast, we must keep our thoughts in balance — that we have to plan our day but be ready for the inevitable. The world is not perfect but is worth living in because it is packed with discoveries, adventures, and various unfolding of surprises.


Just in case you are still not convinced, below are some great truths to cheer you up:

  1. God loves you.
  2. You are here for a reason.
  3. You are beautiful / handsome.
  4. You are wonderful.
  5. Your dreams are about to come true today.
  6. Somewhere in the corner of the world, somebody wishes to know you more.
  7. You are loved.

In case you need a constant reminder, take the advice from one of my articles about setting your alarm’s wake up message.

Have a great day ahead!


P.S. Don’t forget to say “Thank you, God” upon waking up. It will definitely make you feel so blessed. 🙂

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