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Notes to Self to Keep the Balance

At this very moment, you are doing very well. You are currently reading this material because you have the luxury of time. You might also think that you are procrastinating once more or has been quite too relaxed lately. Regardless, take this as a chance to talk to your inner self. 

There are moments when the world seems like ganging up on you. It seems like all your dreams are hidden somewhere that you feel desperate to find. You might be thinking that you are so deprived. Perhaps you are also comparing yourself to others. We exist because we are meant for a journey. If you have other people as reference, well, their roads were paved differently. Yours could be bumpy right now because it is only through the potholes that we appreciate smooth roads. Trust that it will lead you to your wonderland. 

But there are moments too when victory is spelled with your name. Never allow yourself to drown in glory. Use this season to give back to others and to your self. Share the blessings. It does not need to be grand. The simplest ones actually do fill the love in our hearts.

If you are still in search of your purpose, remember that finding it is not always sweet. It is also not a single idea but it could be multitude where you are directed by the Divine to serve according to the life chapter of someone or a period in time. Listen to your intuition. It will lead you to your purpose. 

Enjoy life. You will never be as young or as old today. Keep a healthy perspective. Love yourself. If you are not happy with how you are as a person, change. There is nothing more wonderful than seeing the outcome of your effort. Be proud of who you are right now and what you are becoming. Work hard. Be an optimist. 

Above these, stay humble. Practice humility in any aspect of life. Yes, we can talk about our success but it does not mean that we belittle others who are not yet there. We all have our season. Today could be yours.

Be genuinely nice. Sincerity is the key to get what you want. Be worth it. 

Allow yourself to feel — to be happy, to laugh, to love, to be loved, to be afraid, to hope, et. Al. Afterall, you are a human being. We find wisdom in those emotions as well. Those who stick with you no matter what are the keepers. Treasure them well.

Challenge the world with your existence. Make them grateful of your presence as well. 

Be genuine. Be real. Live fully. Love truthfully. Do not waste time. Express how you feel. They say that we are never fully ready for anything that is why we need to be brave for what is in front of us. Take chances. Risk. Life is worth living. We commit mistakes. We achieve success. It is an endless cycle of lesson learned and victorious occasions. Learn the good, be wise in dealing with the bad. Life is made up of choices. It is already within our choice if we want to live with hope or drown the days with despair. Be strong. Always. 

What are your thoughts?

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