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On being a hero

Sometimes it feels like all the love in your heart has already gone dry due to all the saving that you do for others. One of the most noble things is to give away love until the pain of doing so no longer matters. Those moments of sacrifice for them is a purification towards learning the meaning of service and love.

It may be hard to comprehend. Somehow we will ask ourselves “how about me?” or even wonder what will come in return. Expect nothing. The moment we turn selfless is the same moment when we learn the real meaning of love.

The strongest people are oftentimes the ones who are left empty-hearted. They go through the sense of hollowness which in turn becomes their strength to lift a friend who is in need. They save because they know how it is to be left with nothing.

Life is tough. It demands a tougher you in return. Accept the fact that some people are assigned to be the hero and is still expected to be a hero even if he or she is already the victim.

Love hard. It comes in different forms, anyway. As long as it leads others to the better, you know that is it real.

Be tough. Be there for others. At the end of each day, what matters is you have fulfilled your purpose to humanity. It may sometimes hurt to find yourself very much alone but it hurts even more to allow someone to sleep without feeling better. Again, love hard. Be a hero.

What are your thoughts?

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