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[Today] Was ist das, die Größe?


What is this, greatness?

Greatness is to know yourself and to live in accordance with that knowledge.

Greatness is going the extra mile, beyond the boundaries of what you HAVE to do, because you WANT to do.

Greatness is striving for excellence, not perfection.

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Greatness is when you have the choice to care or to ignore, you care.

Greatness is living with the interests of others in mind and before yours.

Greatness is to be aware, and then to be active.

Greatness is continuing to move forward despite all the setbacks.

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Greatness is the wisdom of living simply and humbly, especially or even despite all you’ve achieved.

Greatness is to assume an attitude of the least.

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Greatness is not the achievement of wealth or prestige, but that of the tenets of true living: purpose, awareness, service, and love.

Greatness is living The Daily You for others and for God.

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