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Read this if you feel like dropping your work

You have done enough. The upcoming minutes might seem uncertain to you right now, therefore take this as an opportunity to pause. There is nothing wrong with taking a few moments to drift away from the current as you try to win back the will and energy.

We all go through the bad and what-seem-to-be meaningless. While it might help to have someone who will understand and console, the most important help that you need is the one that comes from within. You need to help your self. Even psychiatrists and counsellors tell their patients that they need to help their very own selves in order to heal.

On times when you feel helpless, remember why you wanted or needed to do this certain thing in the first place. For example, with work, not all that needs to be done is born out of passion. Sometimes, you need to go through administrative function that might not totally be of interest but is a responsibility. It is necessary. It is your role. Hence, this could be your purpose to others.

It never hurts to pause. Talk to your inner self. Find an inspiration. Have a good laugh. Sometimes we are just tired but it does not mean that we should give up. If you feel like falling apart right now, breathe. You are fine. You just need to recharge. Take it easy.

What are your thoughts?

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