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Reminding yourself of purpose

Amidst the noise, take a chance to be in solitude to help yourself restore. There are so many things that clutter our minds. Oftentimes we forget the profound reason why we need to pursue. The thought of giving up comes in when our purpose has already ran out. Do not let it happen. Otherwise, you will find yourself losing the battle just because you surrender without fighting.

Be in the state of solitude. Sometimes it goes beyond an hour or two. There are instances when you have to take a breather for days. It could be in a form of leaving from work, not attending to messages for a period of time, or even drifting away from people for the mean time. We need to make ourselves whole again so we can serve with fuller hearts. If we serve with half of our hearts, then all our love becomes mediocre. We need to be completely present whether for our own endeavors or in service of others.

Take a warm drink. Eat a nice meal. Watch your favorite show. Listen to a heart-warming or funny podcast. Paint. Write. Play an instrument. Run. Swim. Drive around town. Enjoy your me-time. Be in solitude. Refill your heart until you are ready to face everything once more. Shake off all the negative thoughts, then go homeĀ inspired by how you reunite with purpose.

Everything gets better.

What are your thoughts?

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