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Clearing ourselves of baggage

In the ideal world, we have to completely let go of anything that we cannot change anymore. But due to the different components of our being — ego, principles, values, beliefs, — we tend to hold back and let the issue linger in our minds. These negativities hinder us from being genuine to our interaction, not just service, to humanity for the fear of being betrayed or hurt once more.

This calls us to reconnect with our sense of mindfulness in order to keep the balance and find peace. Some situations may be traumatic, as they might still be very recent, but we need to keep striving to move forward.

How do we let go?

People move on through the help of different activities. A lot of them travel, go to clubs, get into drinking sessions, venture into art, and explore new hairstyles among other things. While the external side helps us in dealing with the issue, the most important thing that we can do is to connect with our being. We have to be aware of our thoughts and be able to control it.

Ask your self: Will all these things that I am fretting about still matter a few months from now?

Yes? No? If yes, how so? What action needs to be done in order to correct it?

If no, move on.

Ask your self: Is it doing me good? Is it helping others?

If yes, improve on how you deal with it. If no, let go.

Ask your self: Why do I keep remembering it?

Reflect if you are just thinking of it or someone keeps reminding you of it. Remember that your reaction plays a huge role on how you will feel. If people create these toxics, stay away from them.

Personally, I have gone through several traumatic experiences which made me hesitant and vigilant at the same time. But we have to heal ourselves. We have to be open to the opportunity of finding the good despite the bad things that are happening. It may require us to change our location, our activities, and most especially ourselves. We have to renew our perspectives. We have to welcome people who will make our lives worth living.

We have to be open to the idea that in this world that lashed us with pains, there is a path that leads us to those who truly care. We just have to open up our senses, be mindful of our choices, and be aware that if only we will believe in the good, great things will happen.

Life is made up of seasons. Let go of those which need to be forgotten. Welcome new things with tender affection. Never, ever lose your zest for living. Don’t forget to make it worthwhile as well.

What are your thoughts?

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