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Taking a risk is fulfilling your purpose

If you want difference in your life, you have to do something outside of the routine.

I hear a lot of people talk about their desire to experience change — be it in a form of a new job; to commit, fix, or get out of a relationship; go to places; or even live in a new environment. Yet, a lot of them just talk about it without the ernest move to make it happen.

The whining will be a continuous cycle until we stop talking and start acting. To welcome new things means taking risks in order to swing to the new direction.

Change calls for the uncomfortable. For instance, choosing to live independently away from the comfort of the family home means learning how to cook your own food, being in-charge of general cleaning, ensuring security and safety, awareness to your surroundings, and even taking care of yourself when sick. These may sound like huge responsibilities but getting the hang of it will make things easier eventually.

Just like when fulfilling our purpose, we have to go out on a quest in order to make it happen. We cannot just sit in one place and expect great things to land on us. We have to keep moving. We have to decide. We have to take chances. We have to risk.


Risk entails a lot of courage. If we want to ignite change, we must risk being misunderstood at first, risk the comfort, risk the idea.. The only way for us to know that we are treading the right path is when we realize how the horizon has changed. Fear not. Listen to your intuition. Lifting from the late Steve Jobs, “you know when you find it.”

Our life purpose is beyond the routine. It is more than just earning, eating, or breathing. We are here to be mindful and to be aware of our world, to take action, and even risk for the sake of greater good. Be brave. We exist with a profound meaning. Seize it.


What are your thoughts?

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