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Letter to the 18-year old self about today

Right now, you might be gushing over a new band or getting obsessed with how your brows should be done. Take it easy. Enjoy. Ten years from now, you will understand why experiencing those things matter.


Dear Young Adult,

Eventually, you’ll find yourself chasing for dreams that you were once afraid of. The world reveals its vastness to people who have the courage to open their eyes to the unlimited possibilities. Only those who are willing to take a leap discover the beautiful horizon kept hidden behind the steel bars of fear.

You might have already asked yourself about the essence of your existence, your purpose per se. There is no need to rush in finding it right now. This life’s journey will take you to it. The key is to always listen to your intuition. Your spirit knows where will it rest and nourish as it goes through life. You will know once you find it. 

As for this moment, enjoy your youth. Go out to meet friends — young and old, bizarre and conventional, crazy and daring. You may even try exploring different styles. You can go to places. You can read books, try an art activity, and get into new sport. The things and people that you love will help you find your purpose. 

Remember that you should do your best in school as well. Enrich your mind and social skills. Having a good network will help you grow. They will usher you in reaching for your goals. Never lose the sense of wonder. Those who got curiosity will never run out of reasons to learn. Keep gaining new knowledge. 

No one is too young or too old be great. Be surprised of how your hardwork will turn out like, and in return use that kind of success to serve others. The world unfolds greater blessings to those who never hesitate to share. Keep being inspired. 

Love deeply and truly. Be genuine. Be sincere. 

Today is the youngest that you can be. Seize it. Grow. Tomorrow will bring more wonders. Take care of yourself. Be beautiful (or handsome) inside out. 

Talk to God often. Allow Him to talk to you through meditation. 

Be brave. Your courage should only be born out of love. 
Love, The Future You


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