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TDY launches the #TYHabit Challenge


Instagram user @idillionaire has a post we saw on A Wealth of Wisdom (ThinkGrowProsper) saying that we can “rewire” our brains to be happy by simply recalling 3 things we’re grateful for, everyday, for 21 days.

3 things, 3 weeks. Shouldn’t take too much effort, right?

Lali asked me if I was up to make it a challenge – and I am. But we want to include others in it, which is why we’d like to invite YOU to also list down 3 things you’re grateful for everyday. We call it the #TYHabit challenge.

Let’s keep it short and sweet at 7 days. But instead of keeping it for just 7 days, why don’t we make it a point to have it as a daily habit? It could be part of your morning rituals, or your evening, pre-bedtime prayers.

We’ll be posting our #TYHabit posts on our official Twitter account, @TheDailyYouPH, everyday, and an aggregated one on our official Facebook page (The Daily You) every night. We’ll also post on our own pages. Do please reply and comment and share your thoughts in those threads!

The official template is as such:

TDY Challenge
Day 1 of 7:
Gratitude is one of the proven ways to make ourselves happy. It is a form of prayer too. Now, I challenge you to list three things that you are thankful for the day for seven days.


Tag two people daily to keep the #TYHabit going around the net.

So let’s get the ball rolling: what 3 things are YOU grateful for today? Comment below!

What are your thoughts?

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