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[Ink Stains] When life takes you on a detour

Recently, I was in a crossroad between pursuing the comforts of my current profession and starting new ventures. As I recall my childhood dreams, I always wanted to manage my own enterprise. But then communication arts called upon me which led me to pursue the world of media, creatives, and marketing.

The experience led me to different people and situations. Those circumstances that transpired in my last corporate stint made me feel like I am not living the life that I wanted. I got a promising career but each day seemed to be a torture because something in me silently whispers that it is time to pack my things and leave.

The kid in me was knocking, asking me to make its bigger dreams come true.

Our passion and purpose could be something that the child in us have already discovered. Yet, the excitement of what the world has to offer could make us change our hearts. It is where and how we will discover the real deal underneath the glamor. Indeed, life has a way of tugging us back to where we really belong.

If you find yourself at the brink of what you may call as ‘failure’ or detour, look at the bright side and believe that the not-so-good events in your life happened for a reason. Connect the dots of how each individual, each moment, each heartbreak has led you to the present. Assemble your story altogether to see how these experiences will become a map leading to the fulfillment of your purpose.

Do not be disheartened. The best is always yet to come.


Lali Singson is the Co-Founder and President of TDY. Her column, Ink Stains, talks about life issues concerning the self and dealing with others. She also serves as a freelance marketing consultant and resource speaker, and loves to paint. Find out more about living The Daily You on our About Page. Follow Lali on Instagram and Twitter at @LalissaSingson.


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