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[Ink Stains] Life is what you settle for


A year ago, I was sitting in my office cube chatting with Aloy about random things and his plan to turn The Daily Aloy into something else. Actually, since we met in 2014 through the Foundation where we volunteered in, our conversations have turned mostly non-stop and a throw-in-the-air kind. We discuss about anything and (almost) everything. I guess it’s one of the reasons why The Daily You has brought so many things in the digital space because of how our dreams, plans, ambitions, and what-nots have conspired to become a reality.

As a glimpse to the untold TDY story, I was in a great emotional crisis a year ago. It felt like nothing made sense. I used to push him away especially on days when I do not feel like talking about this blog and activities related to it. But being the persistent and ‘harmless’ person that he is, I told myself that perhaps it is time that I help him out whatever this venture may turn out to be. I did not have any concrete plan. I just answered to his questions. I gave my inputs from time to time. Until one day, it was just him and I who were left in TDY (another long story).

Days, weeks, and months went by.. I found myself being healed from all the burdens I carry in my heart. Aside from art, having a great support group helped so much in recovery. If I settled to such misery, TDY may not be at its current state. Perhaps I will be somewhere still kinda messed up.

Some people think that the both of us are living a life that is well put together based on the stuff that we write about. Actually, we are more human than ever. We feel so much. In the midst of it all, we choose to live out a purposeful, meaningful life because we believe in our advocacy. We choose our battles. We know deep within our hearts and souls which to settle for. Hence, that is part of the core of The Daily You — to always seek for the best, as guided by the One above.

Many of the articles here are inspired by our conversations. In fact, I am more than happy that we are able to share those nuggets of wisdom brought by all our personal troubles.

If you will notice the frequently discussed topics in my column, a lot of it talk about relationships, letting go, self, and motivation. I always believed that being off balance from those things will misalign a person from living a truly good life. Hence, we must always be reminded of what to truly settle for.

The life that we live today is the result of our decisions. So, choose only the best.

Indeed, a year will make so much difference. If I have not said yes to this opportunity, will we get the same level of purpose consciousness that we are in right now?


Lali Singson is the Co-Founder and President of TDY. Her column, Ink Stains, talks about life issues concerning the self and dealing with others. She also serves as a freelance marketing consultant and resource speaker, and loves to paint. Find out more about living The Daily You on our About Page. Follow Lali on Instagram and Twitter at @LalissaSingson.

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