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[Ink Stains] How to deal with your new life season

The last three months have molded me into a woman who is both excited and jittery about 2017. From leading a department in a corporate setting, I unexpectedly turned into an entrepreneur who bravely agreed to journey through the travel industry. Of course, my past 13 months has also been about TDY and how the universe conspired so we can finally fulfill our goals and dreams.

A lot of my life’s season came unexpected yet will always be sweet. One of the things I learned is to embrace anything that may come and be faithful that it is for the good.

These changes are ways to rediscover further our new purpose. We are alive and still yet to serve those around us. Our new roles pave the way to fulfilling bigger things that will materialize everything that we wish, plan, and work for.

It won’t be easy. The challenge is real yet you need to condition your mind through the following beliefs:

1. Be open

Know that there are things that may happen beyond our control. Allow yourself to be surprised of possibilities brought by the people whom you will meet and the aftermaths of circumstances. Some think that they can control the season of their lives. Actually, if it’s time, it’s time.

2. Acknowledge ‘birth pains’

Anything new requires adjustment from our end. There are moments when we fail or go through the rough season. Be strong, trust the process.

3. Find a support group

It’s not the quantity but quality of your support group. Go for people who will inspire you to dream, who will challenge you to be better, and help you no matter what. They are rare gems whom you can entrust your life with. Never ever let them go.

4. Believe in yourself

The only one whom you shall completely depend on is yourself. It is also your greatest competition. Equip it with enough courage to conquer each given day.

You’ll never be ready for anything. All you can do is to be a warrior who is meant to unravel the greatest possibilities not just for ourselves but more so for others. Cheers to a good life!

img_7434Lali Singson is the Co-Founder and President of TDY. Aside from her column Ink Stains, which talks about life issues concerning the self and dealing with others, she also conducts workshops on Dream Boarding and Life Mapping, Character-Focused Personality Development, and Marketing Communications. Concurrently, Lali is the Chief Vagabond of Stamps Travel & Tours, a travel company that brings people to Philippine and international destinations, pilgrimages, and soul searching tours.
Follow Lali on Instagram and Twitter at @LalissaSingson.

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