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[Ink Stains] Finding the real meaning of Christmas

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It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year! Growing up, Christmas has always been so special because of the joy that it gives to me. A lot of my vivid, happy childhood memories happened during this season. When I stepped into my teenage years, Christmas started to become more meaningful because of a significant learning that I acquired through a stranger.

Such turning point made me realize that Christmas is truly a season to celebrate the love of the Almighty, to hope for better things, and to relinquish anything negative so we can start anew. Christmas is more than just receiving. It is actually more on giving until our hearts are filled with joy.

This season, there are three ideas that I want to impart to you, dear reader. I hope that it will inspire you to seek a deeper meaning in your festivities.

Christmas is the time…

To Share

No matter how big or small, anything shared turns great twice. The most significant things to be shared are really not “things’. Rather, it is time, ideas, moments, laughter, smiles, affection, happiness, hopes, dreams, faith, and love.

Share without expecting anything in return. Life is made beautiful by people who are selfless. They are rare gems. Be one.

To Love

Love is too broad in meaning, people often get lost in translation. One of the top things that come in mind is the idea of romance. Having a significant other in our lives is sweet, but we must never forget that love is not just about someone. It is also about ourselves, our families, our friends, the society, and the world that we live in. We are stewards of creation. Therefore, we must take part in making it a better place even in our little ways.

[In case that at this point you cannot move on from the idea of romantic love, here is a unsolicited piece of advice: Pray that it may lead you to the one, and may you have the courage to profess and express once your heart starts to whisper. You will never be too brave or too ready for it. Our hearts are wild creatures that is why we have to ask for grace to keep ourselves assured once it breaks away. You will know once you find it, anyway.]

To Believe

The act of believing is all about faith and hope combined. If you want anything to materialize, then it must start with your thoughts. Optimism attracts the way pessimism does. Always go for the positive result. It takes courage to believe. Take heart. You will be surprised of how a simple belief can move mountains.

Hence, I would not take much of your time anymore. Merry Christmas!

img_7434Lali Singson is the Co-Founder and President of TDY. Aside from her column Ink Stains, which talks about life issues concerning the self and dealing with others, she also conducts workshops on Dream Boarding and Life Mapping, Character-Focused Personality Development, and Marketing Communications. Concurrently, Lali is the Chief Vagabond of Stamps Travel & Tours, a travel company that brings people to Philippine and international destinations, pilgrimages, and soul searching tours.
Follow Lali on Instagram and Twitter at @LalissaSingson.

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