Living a Truly Good Life


“[True happiness] is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.” -Helen Keller

The TDY Philosophy

“What am I going to do with my life?”

“How can I live a better life?”

Time and again, variations on these two questions have been the big question for many. It’s really a great equalizer – it strikes anyone and everyone, young and old, rich and poor, successful or starting, with no prejudice. And it doesn’t choose when, where, or how to hit you – it simply does, in your own circumstances, and once it’s there, you either have to answer it, or keep dodging it.

On the flip side, there are those who seem to be living with such passion and fervor that you can’t help but feel admiration and maybe a little envy for them. They seem to be so busy and successful (no matter how successful they are), but for all the right reasons. These are the people who have already answered the big question, and are living out their answers.

The Daily You, or just TDY, is an institute that seeks, through different channels, to guide YOU to find and live your own answer to that question. To live a truly good life: one with true higher purpose.

But purpose can be misguided. That’s why we believe it’s most important that it’s properly rooted – rooted in awareness and service. It’s about being mindful about yourself and the things and people around you, and then concretely living according to said mindfulness, proactively rather than reactively.

And awareness and service, we believe, are just two sides of the same coin of a single, taken-for-granted, word: love. True, unconditional, unrestricted love is, by nature, others-oriented – and so it captures the sense of mindfulness and the spirit of service in one. But more importantly, we believe that in loving, you find a reason. A reason to live. A purpose for living.

We are all invited, then, to live our Higher Purpose Through Love. A true, guided higher purpose that is unique and individual to each and every one of us. A purpose that we are to live everyday: Awareness becomes a lifestyle. Service becomes a lifestyle. Loving becomes a lifestyle. Purpose becomes a lifestyle.

It is all about The Daily You.

The TDY Vision

A world where every single person from all walks of life, no matter their situation, can live a Truly Good Life.

The TDY Mission

TDY empowers the Filipino and Asian youth to Live Truly Well through learning and lifestyle.

The TDY Values

  • Awareness and Action towards:
    • Self
    • Others
    • Society
    • Environment
    • Possessions
    • Money
  • Faith
  • Inclusiveness
  • Individuality
  • Selflessness
  • Service

Who We Are


Allister Roy “Aloy” Chua
Co-Founder and CEO

Aloy’s column, Today, discusses everyday living in relation to TDY’s philosophy of Higher Purpose rooted in Awareness and Service. He’s also the Management Information Systems officer of Kapwa Greens, a social enterprise tapping into the Philippine herbal ecosystem, and a writer/editor. He loves reading about fashion, technology, travel, entrepreneurship, and healthy living. His first love is Pokémon.


Lalissa Singson
Co-Founder and President

Lali’s column, Ink Stains, talks about life issues concerning the self and dealing with others. She also serves as a freelance marketing consultant and resource speaker, and loves to paint.

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