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Chief Executive Officer

Full Name: Allister Roy Sio Chua (American nomenclature: Allister R. Chua; Spanish nomenclature: Allister Roy Chua [y] Sio) (蔡明旭)
Nickname: Aloy
Birthdate: 16 October 1991

Aloy has always loved stories – whether he hears them or tells them. As such, he wants to write the best epic the world has yet to see: the story of how he leaves a lasting legacy, but one that is for God and not for himself.

Like all epics, Aloy started out small but with big dreams. Besides wanting to become a bestselling novelist, he wants to be in the academe as a linguist and hyperpolyglot. Equally as important, however, is that he also wants to help rebuild his beautiful country through empowering the less empowered. A firm believer in the fact that he’s an eternal student of life, Aloy is always open to further learning and strives to do his best and work hard in everything he does, but most specifically for the things that, for him, truly matter, such as building the nation.

Having been first brought to the GK Enchanted Farm in his junior year of college, Aloy joined Frontline Social Enterprises Development Corp., which aims to raise an army of social entrepreneurs by conducting leadership programs and similar events in order to bring out the leader in these global change-makers. In fact, he was a staple at the Farm throughout 2012 for its monthly Social Innovation Camp and other activities, and took on consulting the GK Enchanted Farm Café in Quezon City for his business thesis.

Aloy graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in management, majoring in legal management, and minors in Chinese Studies and French Studies. But always desiring to challenge the norm and stand out and grow positively, and blaze his own trail, Aloy did not even consider working in the corporate setting. After doing some soul-searching, he entered the Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation (BCYF), where he still serves as Supervising Editor of the CSR Learner’s Corner, an online learning resource center for CSR students, teachers, and researchers.

Now a firm advocate of social innovation and social enterprise, Aloy is also working in Habi Footwear, which promotes responsible lifestyle through socio-environmentally-aware fashion. He is also working in the Business Resource Center of his alma mater as the co-creator of a blended-platform learning academy offering entrepreneurship and business literacy, and is venturing into growing a proudly Pinoy board game invented in the 1970s by an education-driven pastor, called The Think Game.

In keeping up with another big interest, language, Aloy is also considering further studies, this time in linguistics or related fields. Already fluent in his native English, Filipino, and Chinese, Aloy also speaks French and is learning Spanish and Japanese on his own. Outside business and the academe, Aloy just loves to write, to sing, to dance, to cook, to eat, to travel, to make others happy, and to dream. He loves languages, books, tea, boots, airplanes, nature, paintings, Pokémon, Mario, Harry Potter, and Nigella Lawson.

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