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The Librarian's: On mercy and compassion – Lessons from a true Jesuit

To weep is to show true compassion, to sympathize with the plight of the less fortunate, to devote ourselves not just financially but also emotionally and whole-heartedly. To act on this is to show true mercy. This is the central message behind the theme of the 2015 State and Pastoral Visit to the Philippines of His Holiness Pope Francis, “Mercy and Compassion”, and perhaps his entire papacy itself. Continue reading

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Announcement: CSR Learner's Corner editorials now up on TDA

Good evening, dear readers on The Daily Aloy and the CSR Learner’s Corner! After much technical-related delays, I am happy to announce that my column of editorials on the CSR Learner’s Corner, The Librarian’s, has now been successfully migrated to The Daily Aloy. From now on, all CSR Learner’s Corner readers can expect to view my editorial column, which … Continue reading

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Of the 4th Philippine Conference on Research in CSR, and Research

I would like to give a shout-out to Ms. Noreen Bautista, program officer of ISED, who turns 25 today. Happy birthday, Noreen! 🙂 Dear readers, On Monday, 29 September 2014, CSR Bookshelf’s parent organization, the Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation (BCYF), is holding the 4th Philippine Conference on Research in CSR. It’s our flagship event, … Continue reading

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2 things for a true learner to know.

Good evening, dear readers! You may have noticed something as you browse through this library, especially in the Wikipedia and journals sections. While this library’s name is CSR Bookshelf, and thus focuses on CSR research (CSR Bookshelf is connected with BCYF’s CSR World department, but not the Institute for Social Enterprise and Development [ISED] department), we … Continue reading