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[The Library] What is the path to meaningful wealth?

Becoming wealthy can be purposeful if properly and responsibly managed. In fact, we are all called to this, as it shows awareness towards wealth, the self, and even others (like our families). Furthermore, meaningful wealth arises from a purposeful change in thinking and proper education in financial literacy: wealth creation, protection, and conservation. Continue reading

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[Books] How is the KonMari method related to purposeful living?

Kondo Marie, creator of the KonMari method of decluttering and organizing, has created not a cleaning method but a philosophy to live out. Her revolutionary discard-then-sort system is infused with the values of mindfulness, optimism, and simplicity, which then naturally overflow into one’s everyday living. Continue reading

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[Books] Spirituality for all

Fr. James J. Martin, S.J.’s book, The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, is a great read for anyone across all walks of life – not just Roman Catholics or Christians – wishing to explore spirituality more deeply. The truths taught by the Jesuit founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola, are universal, timeless, practical, and flexible: a recipe for reaching out to the entire world. Continue reading

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What Christians can learn from The Secret

The Secret is actually very Christian – and the author and her collaborators even say so themselves. Positive thinking and the attitude of gratitude are actually traits we are called to embody as true Christians, through living a life of love and service to God and to others as our way of expressing thanks for all God has done for us. We indeed have the freedom to think our ideal lives into existence – but also the duty to keep it rooted in God and His purposes. Continue reading

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Lectione gaudium

There is much joy to be elicited from reading. It is a free and pleasurable (if you let it be) vacation and medicine – a vacation for mind and soul, and a medicine for soul and society. Today, many take it for granted, and correspondingly, the Social Cancer is still strong and spreading. Take up a book today, read, learn, and act! Continue reading


Book Feature: Simple Living for Teens

Simple Living for Teens is a series of themed devotions with meditations and advice on how to live life more simply and with no unnecessary burdens, enabling one to focus more on living their life for God. The devotions include practical things that can happen to a young person everyday, such as temptations on consumerism and striving for perfection. Anyone who wants to live a more focused and truly joyful life anchored in Christ should read this. Continue reading


Airing the Laundry (or A Review of Kokology: The Game of Self-Discovery [2-in-1])

For four straight years, during college, my classmates and I were made to take a “guidance testing”, which – as the name implies – was administered by the Guidance Department. There were also times when my psychology major friends would ask me to take a simple psychological test. Some of them were personality tests that … Continue reading


Ang Libreng Bakasyon at Gamot

“Sa pagbasa ng isang magandang aklat, dapat mag-iwan ito ng maraming karanasan sa iyo, bukod pa sa kaunting pagod. Dapat kang mabuhay ng iilang buhay habang binabasa ito. (A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted. You should live several lives while reading it.)” -William Styron, manunulat Simula pa noong bata … Continue reading