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[The Market] What should I consider when buying a new phone?

If you want to shop responsibly, there are considerations you should think of in terms of purposeful living and use. In a hyper-connected world where the pace of technology is as fast as the speed of light, I invite you to slow down, take a breather, and consider true purpose in shopping for a phone. Continue reading

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[The Market] Portable hygiene, aroma, and the earth in one

When there’s no soap and water available, use a hand sanitizer to clean your hands in the meantime. If you want to avoid any kind of harmful or inebriating chemicals, turn to an all-natural sanitizer – Human Nature’s Spray Sanitizer is one, conveniently packaged in a refillable and very portable 50mL spray-type bottle. Continue reading

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[The Market] The game of business

Innovative board game Upstart is an entrepreneurial startup simulation board game that the passionate entrepreneur-to-be can use to practice and grow their skills – as well as learn more about themselves – while having fun in the process. With its very realistic rules and wide variety of opportunities players can avail of per turn given the limited resources, Upstart is sure to help you refine how you would run your own business/es eventually. Continue reading