Taking a risk is fulfilling your purpose
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Taking a risk is fulfilling your purpose

If you want difference in your life, you have to do something outside of the routine. I hear a lot of people talk about their desire to experience change — be it in a form of a new job; to commit, fix, or get out of a relationship; go to places; or even live in … Continue reading

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[The Library] What is the path to meaningful wealth?

Becoming wealthy can be purposeful if properly and responsibly managed. In fact, we are all called to this, as it shows awareness towards wealth, the self, and even others (like our families). Furthermore, meaningful wealth arises from a purposeful change in thinking and proper education in financial literacy: wealth creation, protection, and conservation. Continue reading

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[Books] How is the KonMari method related to purposeful living?

Kondo Marie, creator of the KonMari method of decluttering and organizing, has created not a cleaning method but a philosophy to live out. Her revolutionary discard-then-sort system is infused with the values of mindfulness, optimism, and simplicity, which then naturally overflow into one’s everyday living. Continue reading

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How is hoarding un-purposeful?

Hoarding can come in many different forms – physical, digital, emotional and financial. And they’re all against the tenets of awareness, even if said hoards are supposedly tidy. True organization is simple and purposeful, and to truly deal with hoarding is to deal with the personal mindset and standards on things, vis-à-vis purposeful living. Continue reading