[Ink Stains] Life is what you settle for
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[Ink Stains] Life is what you settle for

A year ago, I was sitting in my office cube chatting with Aloy about random things and his plan to turn The Daily Aloy into something else. Actually, since we met in 2014 through the Foundation where we volunteered in, our conversations have turned mostly non-stop and a throw-in-the-air kind. We discuss about anything and (almost) … Continue reading

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[Books] Spirituality for all

Fr. James J. Martin, S.J.’s book, The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything, is a great read for anyone across all walks of life – not just Roman Catholics or Christians – wishing to explore spirituality more deeply. The truths taught by the Jesuit founder, St. Ignatius of Loyola, are universal, timeless, practical, and flexible: a recipe for reaching out to the entire world. Continue reading

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The value of inter-faith dialogue and cooperation in higher purpose

I firmly believe that all religions are simply different cultures’ ways to commune with the One God. But more importantly, I also believe that these different systems should not serve as barriers, but rather as opportunities for dialogue, mutual support, cooperation, and moving forward together in the name of higher purpose. Continue reading